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20/11/18 Development Release Summary


Summary of Developments released: 

Evidence  Library Show/Hide evidence upload section:

Assessors when accessing their learners evidence library  will see the evidence files section at the top of the page, if assessors wish to upload evidence on behalf of the learner they can click the SHOW Evidence  button to display the upload evidence section.

Learners will also get access to the button, but the  evidence upload section will be visible by default.


Assessor View 






Learner View 




Learners  not in a Sampling Plan report – Now on IQA Reports Menu

In line with the IQA refresh we have moved the IQA Learners not in a sampling plan report to IQA reports menu, under the Client Reports tab.




Evidence Library Updates

· Unit/Module Headers 

· Actions column space between icons

· Reduced space on ID column and Evidence Name  column

· Centralised check boxes 

We now display the Rag rating of the unit/modules within the  evidence library that feeds from the Units widget on the Learner Dashboard.

We have also increased the space between the icons in the actions  column and centralised the unit check boxes

In turn, we have reduced the size of the ID column and the  evidence filename will wrap around and doesn’t increase the size of the evidence  name box.

The evidence grid is the same size as it was, where we increased space mentioned above we in turn reduced space on other columns.

Tip: If you have a  lot of units and scrolling right loses you sight of your evidence name column, hovering over any of the mapping check boxes will display the evidence name and  unit/module.

Tests and Exams Export 

We have released a development, which enables you to export  the data in the learner's Tests and Exams tab to Excel.


Upcoming  developments will include:

· Client configuration for Learner Feedback –  ability to manage if learners can leave feedback on sessions with any  attendance status or not.


· Learning Outcomes – will be updated to industry  standard terminology if they haven’t already been modified in course builder:  example Knowledge will change from LO1 to K1 LO2 to K2:


· Progress Bar to display hover text showing  progress % for Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour modules. 


· Work will start on a CSV forms Manager, which is planned for release in December.