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06/11/2018 Development Release Notes

As well as continuing to work hard on the IQA development we are also releasing some additional developments

New Time  log link on Assessor Dashboard

Learner  Feedback (Smiley Face pop up)

A big thank you to Stuart Wharmby at Ascento for working with us,  providing ideas to develop the learner feedback.

We have a new agreed set of feedback questions that will display  on the feedback pop up for any sessions booked on or after 1st  November 2018.

Once the learners submit the feedback, assessors will receive a  new feedback email, detailing the feedback responses.

For sessions dated 31st  October 2018 and earlier, the previous set of questions will display and  when submitted the assessor will receive an email detailing the feedback for  those questions.

Learners will only be able to leave feedback against sessions that  have any attended status set, if they try and leave feedback against sessions  that don’t have an attended status they will see the hover text display  message:


We will also be releasing the addition of EHCP (Education Health  Care Plan) as a support type in the ALS tab and in the ALS report.

Upcoming  developments will include:

· An Excel export in the Tests and Exams tab 

· Visibility of the unit progress rag rating in  the evidence library 

· Update to the grid on the learner tab