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Forms Developments

This section will detail all the Forms Developments released that were previously visible on the old Updates Page on Smart Assessor.

Form Designer Changes:

Show/Hide  Grid-lines 

  • We have created a new option  in the form settings called Show grid, option is selected as default, you can un-check the option to remove the grid lines.
  • The grid-lines will only display in the form designer.

Move  multiple Fields in one go

You can  now select multiple fields, so you can move them in one go 

To do  this: 

  • Hold ctrl down and click on the fields you’d like to move together 
  • Let go of ctrl when you have finished selecting and you can then move the highlighted fields together 
  • When finished click anywhere on the form to remove the selection

Forms  Enhancements

This will  apply to newly created forms.

Master  Admins will now see some new settings available to apply when creating forms 

Mandatory  Pages

You are  now able to: 

  • Set whole pages as mandatory, this means every field on that page will be required to be populated. 
  • Choose if you would like to display only the mandatory pages in a form 
  • Choose which user role can see only those mandatory pages   
  • Option to select ‘Other’ to see only those mandatory pages (this can be anyone, regardless if they have a Smart Assessor account or not) 

 To  do this:


 For Single page forms: 

  • Clicking on the background  of the form will display the make page mandatory option

For forms with multiple pages: 

  • Drag a page break standard field onto the form
  • Click either above or below the page break field 
  • A new option will be displayed allowing you to select make page mandatory option

You can then have two options; 

  1. Save the form, whoever is  assigned the form will see all the pages including any pages you have set to be mandatory, all the fields on the mandatory pages will need to be filled in before the form can be completed.   
  2. Go back to form settings and tick display only mandatory pages option and a list of user roles will appear.

  • Select which users should  see only the mandatory pages.
  • When that user logs in and accesses the form, they will only see the pages of the form that have been  set as mandatory 
  • You will notice a role type   of other, when this is selected, the Assessor or Master Admin roles can  open the form when it is allocated to the learner and click on the Email  to External button:

This pop up modal will display 

You can  choose to send the form to one or multiple email recipients, separate each  email with a comma and click send email. 

The  recipient(s) will receive an email with a link in, when they click the link the  form will be displayed and any changes they make can be saved. 

For  security reasons the form link will expire after 24 hours. 

If the  link is clicked on after 24 hours they will see a message informing them to  email the sender of the link (Assessor or Master Admin email address) to request a new link. 

Viewing previously completed Review Forms

When  viewing an allocated review form, you will see a new drop-down list, which will  allow you to select any previously completed review forms for that learner. You  will see the form name and date completed. 

When you  select a previously completed review form it will open in a new window. 

When you  click the Complete Form button the review completion date will be auto  populated for you and that form will then be visible to select from the list on  your next review form. 

Completing  Forms

You have  the option of setting which role type has permission to complete a form, when forms are set to complete no other user can update the form.

Master Admins have permission to unlock completed forms where forms have been set to completed in error.

As before with mandatory pages you can select an option of other, and when you send an email link to the external parties, when they launch the form they will have  the permission to complete the form.   

Require Signatures on Forms

For this  to work you need to ensure that the field called signature is added to the form  and you can customize this to set only the user roles that will need to sign the form. 

For these roles you have the option to send a reminder if required. 

You will  then need to select the request signatures option checkbox on the form  settings.

Assessors or Master Admins can then click the Request Signatures button on an allocated form. 


If you require a third party (someone who doesn’t have a login to Smart Assessor) to sign  the form then use the signature pad field and change the label as to what signature type is required.


You can then use the Email to External button on the allocated form to send the form to a third party for them to complete and sign. 

Locking the signature after signing and saving or completing the form.

For security reasons when whichever user role type has signed the signature pad in the form and they save the form, the system will check to see if there is a signature in the box and print name is populated. If the print name is missing a message will display asking for the print name field to be updated. Once there is a signature and print name in the box and the form is saved no one can amend the signature. 

The same above will apply when the form is completed.

We are working on further developments around this area and will be updating the mobile and laptop apps. We will provide an update when this work is finished.

New Form Templates:

We have  created a new section on the create new form page called Create from Template.  We have added popular form fields onto these templates, allowing you to then customize the forms by adding and removing fields as required. Simply select  your template from the drop-down list and click Create from Template button. 

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