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Smart Assessor Development Release 22/09/18



Technical Changes


Smart  Assessor Security: 

To improve  security and free up background system processes we have implemented the  following change:

  • After 60 mins of non-activity, you will be auto logged  out of Smart Assessor. 


Smart  Integrator Data Importer:

Actual end  date update

We have made a change to the Data Importer, to facilitate  learners who are returning to work from a break in learning. 

A switch has been added, so that if a learner is currently  set with any status other than ‘Awaiting Induction or In Training’ and is then  re-imported with a status of "In Training" and no "Actual End  Date" is being sent, it will remove the Actual End date for the learners  course and update the status back to ‘In Training’. This feature is switched  off by default, if you would like this feature enabled please raise a support  ticket.

Smart  Integrator & API Bridge Tool 

Off the job  contracted hours and holiday hours data import 

You can now add contracted working hours per week and yearly  holiday entitlement in hours to your learner data import. If you are using the XML files with Smart Integrator you will  need to include the following tags:

  • <ContractedWorkHoursPerWeek></ContractedWorkHoursPerWeek>
  • <YearlyHolidayEntitlementInHours></YearlyHolidayEntitlementInHours>

If you need any support with this, please raise a support  ticket and one of our support agents will be happy to help.



Smart  Assessor/VLE integration:

Smart VLE results for VLE activities set in Smart  Assessor are now visible in:

  • Evidence  Library
  • Evidence Record Sheet (if  using a pre-mapped VLE activity) otherwise to view here you would need to map  the result in the evidence library 
  • Learning  and Assessment plan against a session activity


o Smart VLE Initial Assessment results are now visible  in the learners Profile page



Additional filtering: 

  • When creating VLE Activity in  Smart Assessor you can now filter on VLE course and/or VLE Assessment




VLE Widget on Learner Dashboard

The number of VLE Activities displays in the top right-hand corner of the learner  dashboard widget.

We have  now included:

  • Visibility of any VLE activities that are due this week 
  • Any overdue VLE activities 
  • All  activities are still visible in the Actions and Activities widget on the  Overview tab


VLE Widget on Learner Dashboard displaying 1 activity due this week example.


VLE Widget on Learner Dashboard displaying 1 overdue example.


Course Planner Update:

Planning notes and Feedback added to step 3: 

You can now pre-set planning notes and feedback into course  planner templates, so when you apply the template to learners the planning and  feedback will be visible in the learning and assessment plan sessions.


Session Type will pull through from step 2 and will now be visible in step 3.


New look  Admin and Reports Menus 

We  have released a refreshed look for Master Admin Menus and also a refreshed look  for the Reports Menu for all user role types that have access to reports.


A new Support Portal is coming! 

We are very  pleased to announce that a fresh, intuitive support portal is coming to Smart  Assessor. 

This will  bring a brand-new Support portal with access to well-known current features,  such as our support ticketing system and user guides. As well as bringing new  features such as release notes, community forums and submit and Idea.

This will  replace the current “Support” tab in your Smart Assessor account. 

From  Saturday 22.09.2018, the “Support” tab will take you to our new Customer  Portal, and automatically sign you in. 

Learners  will also be directed to the new support portal. 

Have a look  at our introductory video for tips on how to use this.

If you  cannot access Smart Assessor, you will still be able to submit a support ticket,  go to  and click the support portal link. 

As this is a  brand-new support portal, we have been working to ensure the last six months of  your support ticket history is brought across. If any earlier ticket history is  required, this can be requested by raising a ticket in the new portal and one  of our support agents can work to provide this. 

Over the weekend we will run the process to import your ticket history, all open and  closed tickets for the past six months will be visible Monday morning.

Thank you  for your patience whilst we implement this new functionality.


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